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Ace TJ Media is a new advertising agency specializing in coverage of the Southeastern United States and audience access via radio, tv, podcast, streaming, digital video, social media, database, web, app and live events.

Ace TJ Media showcases the importance of good creative. Ace & TJ have been a part of some of the areas most successful endorsement and advertising campaigns of the last two plus decades.

Ace TJ Media is the future of southeastern advertising.



“I have loved Ace & TJ since they came on the air in the Charlotte area. I listen to the daily podcast every day. Over the weekend I go back and listen to TJ & Jodi’s house. I try my best to catch Live From the Living Room and any other live feeds. Ace, TJ, Riggins, Alexis, and Rob feel like friends.”
KELLY / Ace & TJ Listener

“I love the new Ace & TJ 5G, it makes it very convenient to listen to Ace & TJ everyday. I love all the podcasts, Share Funny makes my days soo much better!! I also love the live podcast and can’t wait to attend another one!”
Ace & TJ Listener

“I love having the Ace & TJ show available whenever and wherever I can listen! Being able to watch them on YouTube brings a whole new dynamic to being a fan! “
Ace & TJ Listener

“I listen to the pod cast every day. The only thing is, I listen on the way to work so I’m always behind! I miss when they have public events so I need to do better and keep up! I y’all so much that I boycotted 95.1 when y’all left. I love how I can listen anytime! I love everyone on the show now! Love Alexis!! We are both “Fun Size”!!!! I actually wore heels to an event so that I would be taller than her!! Riggins, I’ll say this. If I were not married, I’d be trying to date you! Any who, love the cast and love the show!!! I need to find the pictures I have with everyone and send them! “
MIKA / Ace & TJ Listener

“I love Ace & Tj 5G so much, I’d pay for it!”
HEATHER / Ace & TJ Listener


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